4 Bullet Reasons Why Travelling Is Important In Life

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Travel can not only benefit you but could actually lead to better global understanding. Travel helps you to learn about different new languages.

You can have a chance to explore the more happiness while together exploring the world. If I have to suggest, I would suggest keeping side your 40% of your annual income for the purpose of travel only.

I will give you a bullet reasons below why I said to keep your 40% income for travelling only. You’ll go through knowing why travelling is much more worthy than spending money on other things. And Here, I would like to suggest that you must go to these places before it lost from the universe.

Let me compare money with your health. Ah..No ! You’ll shoot me if I am gonna compare money with your health. Of course, We all know that ” Health is Wealth”.

So, what if I say travelling can make you healthier? You’ll come a bit closer to understand the topic of this article. Yes, Several Research proved that travelling can be beneficial for both mental and physical health.

You’ll get surprised if you know the findings of this research. As the findings of research done by The Global Commission Of Aging And Transamerica Centre of Retirement, travelling can drop your stress level by 89%.

Also, the findings reveal that women who don’t vacation for 6 yrs can have a higher risk of heart attack and coronary death compared to women who vacationed for at least twice a year.

These are the conclusion of some research only, I will show you now other benefits of travelling which can make you depth understand- why travelling is really worthy and important:why to travel

Here We Go…

1) Build Memories & Have Fun

This is the most straightforward reason why most of the people love travelling. You may think just to do things, to have fun, to have experience and share it with other fellows back home.

But it’s not limited to that only, travelling with existing friends or family or even meeting new friends during your travel can definitely lead to lifetimes filled with memories.

And these are the kinds of things how some people make their life more happier. So, Isn’t it a feeling of worth to become happier?

2) Gain Experience Points

What I mean by this is that- as you travel, you are going to face some new circumstances which you never have before.

You will realise that you didn’t have any idea about that before, but now you learn it. As there are different ways to perform their daily life jobs on different people, you can learn some best and convenient ways which can make your day-to-day life easier.

Now, this is going to be good experiences and bad experiences because you’re going to take something from each kind of experience that you are going to be able to apply to different experiences throughout your life.

Just see, how it takes your confident boosts from knowing that you made your way in a foreign land where you didn’t know anyone, didn’t know anything but still, you manage the way to survive. Isn’t it worthy too?


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Planning Now To Travel?:

3) A Very New Way To Do Things

This is a bit similar with an above-mentioned point. But when you go travelling, you see how different people do different things and it makes you learn that your way is not always an only way to do things.

Even the minor things like not necessarily keeping salts and pepper on the table in some places in Europe.

You learn that different people work in different ways. One mine good example, throughout much of Europe, The Restaurant & Malls closes in the afternoon when it gets really hot. So They can all take some time with their family.

Meanwhile, This could be inconvenient for some people. But you have to remember, that’s their right way to do things in that part of the world.

And maybe you can take something away from that-  learn that you are not gonna always have the right answer and it can be fun to do things differently.

4) Gain Enlightenment & Find Your Place In The World

What I want to mean is, like every country is here with their own history. And I find that, knowing history, why we do things, where things come from, the origins of day-to-day things really help me everything to keep it in place.

My example here is, we have pretty decent Nepalese history and we learned about the things like the spirit of Buddhism. But you tend to learn about the things from your country’s perspective.

But going to these places where these things origins is an absolutely new story. World’s history is kind of old and distant when you learnt it in a textbook of high school, even watching documentaries and movies.

But actually being in a place and seeing a bullet hole that still exists, seeing the cranes and excavators that are still building from the war caused, It really changes you and makes you a part of it.

So obviously, Travelling is worthy than anything as you’ll change yourself as a book with massive collection of information which is much valuable than any cost.

1 Line Wrapping Up:

With the support of above-mentioned reason, you should make most of this year travelling around the world.


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