If You Find these five signs, It’s time to break up now!

how to know when you should break up

How long time do you require to understand that you have chosen a wrong person? Some people manage to find out who is what and keep themselves away from an unwanted relationship. But some fu**ing  passionate peoples date for years over years hoping they will finally make their “Romeo-Juliet” love story with someone who totally doesn’t fit.

Nevertheless, I am going to make a small favour to you by clearly explain the five major signs, that she is not so worse your practices of making up “above and beyond” or “happy ever after” thing and been simply getting advantages from you, as long as you allow her.

Guys, I’ll let you detect a vampire girlfriend who has to be saluted with middle finger as soon as possible. You’re surrounded by too many great girls who truly deserves you. Let’s not waste time. It’s time to open something real and big.

1. You Two Have Different Goals In Life

I want to break up

If your chick dreams of a bright fancy wedding and half dozens of shirttail kids in the next few years, but you have a dream to buy a house with green garden at the front yard and living in that house together with her, then you’ll fail.

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If there is no any chance for you to build up a life plan where both of you will be satisfied, break up with her now and let her find someone who will offer her a fancy grand wedding.

2. She Loves Your Pocket Rather Than You

signs its time to end a relationship

If she has more passion for your pocket or for your credit card than personally you, she is simply using you as an ATM machine which can make all her materialistic dream come true.

Those kinds of girls are made for washing pocket and she’ll make you struggling to earn more cash. Yes, that’s still fine, But you’ll not have any idea, on what you are spending all your hard earned money. No way for bright future!

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3. You Don’t Talk

should we break up or stay together

Well, you are talkative one in your friend circle, colleagues and family. But it’s hard for you to remember the last time you spoke with her. You don’t just sit there to discuss with her about anything after a long hard working day.

You don’t talk with her what she is going to cook for dinner.

That means, you both have lost interest in each other and both of you don’t care about own partner. There is a pretty chance, you can bring back spark again in your relationship, but you don’t find it important anymore, go ahead and break up now with her.

4. She Don’t Show Respect

should i break up with him

Don’t you think a husband-wife matter should solve inside a room? But she loves to argue with you when you are surrounded by your friends or colleagues and make you look like an idiot husband.

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She doesn’t give a sh*t about your prestige, she doesn’t give a toss about your feelings. Then your countdown starts. Run away now!

5. You Are Not Happy

how to know when its time to end a relationship

Does your heart beat faster every time you she holds your hand?

Do you have those warm and pleasured feelings in your heart when you see her?

Are you happy to see her smile?

If any of this questions received an answer “No”, then you are in a relationship worth for nothing. Don’t you think the main goal of every relationship is Happiness? If you agree, then You want to break up now.

So, Friends what you gonna think? Still, want to stick up or to find a someone with whom you can be a real man? Speak your mind in the comment section below. Is there someone you think whose relationship sucks? then help him by sharing this article. 

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