What is MoMo and How To Cook MoMo At Home ?

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Momo is a very popular dish in Nepal. By the time Momo have spread over some other countries like India as well as some European countries too.

While talking about the history of Momo, it is believed to be a traditional cuisine of Newars people from Kathmandu, Nepal. As it is a kind of steamed bun filled with different spices majorly minced meat. Initially, Newari people used to cook Momo using Minced Meat of buffalo.

Buffalo Minced Meat Ready to Use For Momo

But, Which considered as a restriction among Bhramin and Chhettris  (tribes of Nepal) communities. But because of hefty migration from and to Kathmandu made it increased other tribes to eat Momo too. According to Newari language, MO reflects steam, where Momo refers steam steam.

Till mid of the 2000s, Momo has getting trend as one of the most popular dishes in Nepal.

How to cook Momo?

Well, as I am a Nepalese too, I was grown in a home where we used to cook Momo at least once a week.  Somehow it might be difficult to make a decorative dumping for a beginner, However, the taste of Momo depends on spices or ingredients you used together with minced meat.

Needed Ingredients

Ingredients for Dough

  1. 4 cups of wheat flour
  2. 1 tablespoon oil
  3. water as necessary
  4. A pinch of salt

Ingredients to fill inside Dough

  1. 2LBS minced meat ( chicken/mutton/buff/pork) as your preferred taste
  2. 1 cup onion which is finely chopped
  3. 1/2 cup green onion leafs which are finely chopped
  4. 1 tablespoon garlic paste
  5. 1 tablespoon ginger paste
  6. 1/2 tablespoon turmeric powder
  7. 3 tablespoon cooking oil
  8. salt & pepper to your preferred taste

Now Let’s start Making Momo

  1. Get a large bowl to mix flour, oil, salt, and water
  2. Mix well until the dough gets homogeneous about 10-15 minutes.
  3. Wait for half an hour, until that time you can start mixing all ingredients mentioned above for filling.
  4.  Add seasoning powder and salt on filling ingredients to adjust your taste.

Making Dumping

  1. Get a small ball of dough and roll between your two palms to make it a spherical shape. You can use dry flour to avoid dough sticking between your palms.
  2. Use Roller to roll out those sphere balls of dough to make it flattened wrapper

alternative: You just can flatten a handful dough by roller until it get thinner layer suitable for the wrapper and then you can cut that flattened dough by the edge of steel glass to make it perfect circle.

Try to make the all portion of the wrapper with equal thickness.

Let’s start filling

While filling, hold wrapper with your left hand and use a fork to pick the mixed ingredients and put ingredients in the middle of the wrapper and get all edges of the wrapper to the centre to make pleats.Pinch and twist the remaining edges as anti-clockwise direction to make it looks decorative

Process of cooking

  1.  Put those filled dumping on the tray of steamer ( don’t forget to apply oil on the empty steamer before you put dumping. It will help to avoid dumping to stick with steamer)
  2. Arrange all the ready filled dumping on the tray of the steamer.
  3. Start steaming and close the lead for 20 minutes with mild fire.
  4.  While steaming, Alternatively you can use soup of same meat you used to make Momo instead of water. Which will give u the result of more juicy and delicious Momo.

For the great taste of Momo, Serve with tomato chutney ( homemade tomato sauce) After Momo steamed for 20 minutes.

Here’s a video tutorial, Hope it could help you more:

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