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most comedy birthday jokes

It’s a jack’s birthday today. He wakes up with tons of excitation, hoping his wife will be the one to wish him birthday first. But the expectation goes wrong. Things didn’t happen as he wished for. He wonders if she forgot his birthday. He doesn’t want to remind her also, hoping it will come on her mind itself.

After finished his early fresh up, having breakfast, he prepared himself for his college. Until then he is still hoping, she will wish him birthday. Sadly, it didn’t happen.

He left for college, on the way he is pretty sure, his college friends will be the 1st to wish him birthday. But time spent as usual, as there is no one to wish him birthday.

Carrying that frustration and heavy head, he moved towards to his office straight from college. This time he is no more expecting either any excitement to have a birthday wish from his office partners. He was right because there is no one to wish him birthday even in office.

The day almost finished, It’s time to leave office. When he was about to leave the main door, he heard “happy birthday jack”. He surprised, that’s the voice of his office receptionist Angelina.  As the name, she is carrying her beautiful aura and melodious voice. Really. no more different from the real angel.

Though Jack got shocked by her very first birthday wish, he asked:  “how could you remember my birthday, when my wife can easily forget about it or she doesn’t care anymore.” She replied with her sweet voice, “I could remember each and everything about you.” OMG, another high voltage strikes on Jack’s head again. Don’t know what else is going to happen this day. He couldn’t figure it out. Jack on his curious voice, ” Thanks a lot for all this”. No! No! No! , thanks only are not enough on this special day. Your special day is mine too. I am sure you won’t deny me as I have already managed dinner at my home tonight. Angelina said.

Hearing that, Jack has no limit of excitement, knitting the dreams of sweet moments with Angelina. Both of them headed towards Angelina’s home. Angelina’s warm welcome become the most special gift for his birthday. Let’s see if this night can turn into a most romantic night for jack.

By asking Jack to have a rest in her living room, Angelina left to prepare some drinks for both, As jack agreed too. A moment later, the door opens where Jack can see his wife holding the birthday cake in front. College friends were just there, behind his wife. And all office partners were there on the door. All of them are start singing wishing jack ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JACK” in the same voice. Yes, this is Angelina’s plan to give surprise to jack.

But here the most surprising is for all of them who were standing on door together with Jack’s wife. Any Guess ?? Why is it more killer surprise for them?

Because it’s the first time they saw their dear friend Jack lying down nude on a sofa, brushing his ballberries and warming up his Ariel (d**k) hoping good connection with Angelina.

This is LOL moment for us seeing jack in that situation. But could you imagine yourself in the place of jack in that same situation? Comment below :

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