This is how Samsung is planning to beat Iphone-X

samsung plans to beat iphone
Earlier this week the tech world had its eyes focused on Apple’s keynote presentation for a new lineup of iPhones.
The company now sells eight phones and honestly, so many of them are so similar, that we don’t even know which one to cop.
But just hours before Apple came with tech innovative grandstanding.
Samsung had their own product reveal on the low with little fanfare.
It introduced the new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone which should be a legitimate competitor to Apple’s Very’s plus models of their iPhones.
Buried in that news conference though was a tidbit from Samsung president of mobile business. It’s not about any current products but instead, a future, perhaps a game-changing smartphone, They’ve been working on that.
That is a phone with a bendable display for launch next year.
As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year when we can overcome some problems for sure. we will launch the products.
 Now some analysts say producing a foldable device with all the best features and expected thinness will be a challenge.
It’s not like they’re just remaking those old flip phones but Samsung has been working on this technology for some time it first showed off a flexible display in 2013and rumors of a bendable phone have raged since so Samsung’s prototype gives us slight Palm Pilot vibes but its potential ability to switch between phone and tablet would make it the first foldable smartphone to hit the market.
So While Apple keeps treading water with their same old designs and controversial features we’re not even sure we need Samsung’s ready in itself to bring a whole new look to smartphones.
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