7 Money Saving Tips That Can Change Your Life

money saving tips

No doubts that every individual wants to save more money. But most of us are unable to come up with this game.

You decide to start saving money but unfortunately, some emergency happens, some unpredictable thing fall over you. And this month also your wish to save money just remain in wish.

No worries, I prepare this 7 super money saving tips which work beyond all those emergencies and unpredictable things. Though getting richer is not an overnight formula, These ways to save money can obviously help you to save money fast.

1) No Cards

Yes, this is the main point where you never realised how your money flows out easily. Always use hard cash instead of cards.

Because when you hand over your cash to cashier you feel like losing ownership of that physical paper.

As you have an emotional attachment to that paper, you feel more painful to handover that paper comparing to swiping a card and have it back.

2) Go Banking

Do you have lots of money inside the locker of your cupboard or below your mattress?

This way won’t gives you any benefits but increase the chance of losing it in case of robbery in your house.

Start today to deposit all your money into the bank so you will have few more money after few years including interest.

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3) Bargain

I don’t mean to go rude to a shop owner. A tricky bargaining skill can always help you to save more money.

Whenever you are going to shopping or just to buy few groceries, it is better to go with your friends who need to buy their groceries too. If more people means there is more bill to pay.

So you can bargain with a shop owner to make a certain amount of discount on your purchase. He would likely to give the discount in this situation as he has big sales on a single time.

4) Delay Your Purchase

Most of us like to buy items when they newly launched. For example, You want to buy a new model of a phone when it just launches. Because you have that strong willingness and curiosity for that model of phone.

But it is much better to wait for another one month. I’m sure you won’t have same willingness to buy that phone as for how badly you had it just one month before.

And till you wait for one month, you can know about all the pros & cons related to that phone. Which helps you to decide either to buy that phone or not.

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5) Auto Saving Account

If you are working at some organisation, you can use this logic. Most of the organisation have this scheme for the better saving of their employee’s money. In case if your place where you are working don’t have this kind of scheme, you can ask directly to your boss or to your accountant to deduct a certain amount of money from your monthly salary and save it to separate account.

You just can give a try with 20 bucks. Or the next thing what you can do is stop emptying your account. Most of the employee have that habit to withdraw all money from ATM on their payday. Try to left few bucks like 20-30 every month and forgot about it for next 2 years.

6) Stay Busy

When you stay busy you won’t have time to roam around the market and spend money on the fancy looking garments hanging outside of the stores.

And staying busy means you are working on something which pays you. If you just remain busy with your house works, at least you learn something new which raise creativity on you. And obviously learning is earning.

This is damn true, roaming outside during your day off, you see lots of decorative kinds of stuff, aggressive ads displaying on big hoarding boards and that can increase your impulse to buy those products. Which it is not on the list of your requirement.

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7) Go Over Quality

Go over quality instead of quantity. This rule is simply true and practical. A quality product cost high but it will give you long-term return.

I don’t mean that you have to focus on luxurious or highly expensive goods. You just have to focus on products which are quality and affordable for you.

Buying Cheapest product on the day of a new moon and it stops working on the day of a full moon, then again you spend money for the same product. It seriously hurts your pocket.

Here are some quality goods or services | Best Money Saving Deals:

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