5 Things To Quit Today If You Want To Be Successful In 2018

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Do you know what is hell? That’s the last day on earth, the person you become will meet the person you could have become.

This is the damn reality of lots of people out there who dream big but they never able to achieve their dream.

Sometimes, you don’t need to add lots of abilities to your list to become successful. You just get closer to your own second face that you were born to be. But sometimes, you just came through some deals where you have earned some of the negative programming, which you’ve got at the current moment and unable to become successful.

So, in this article, I want to break through the five things to quit today if you really want to be successful in 2018. If you truly want to become that successful person which you were born to be.

Let’s make sure that you’ll make important notes. But my friend, also make sure to take action.

Without making any delay, let’s go on the 1st thing which you should quit today:

1) Quit The Short-term Mindset.

2018 goals

Do you know, successful people always set long-term goals. And they clearly know the fact that, these goals are merely the result of every short-term habit they need to perform every single day.

And also what they understand is that they need to dream something bigger. But they divide it down into small and they have these mini “win-win day” every single day.

Meanwhile, very poor people or the people who won’t become successful, they have a very short-term mindset in their life. Whatever they do is very short-term. For eg: they want result like they believe in getting rich overnight. They believe like all their problems will be solved with something like a magic stick.

But, on the other hand, successful people believe that is the day-to-day habits which you do every single day. That are the microelements but that’ the elements which make the biggest difference in the long-term.

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2) Quit On Playing Small.

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If you never try to grab the opportunities which are in front of you, if you never just reach out there and exhale your own truth and do what you strongly want and avoid what your neighbour says, what your family says, what your friend says.

But the time you actually take full ownership of the plane you’re flying and you become the captain, that’s when your life really changes my friend!

Quit on playing tiny dreams, think big, make it big, behave your life like a limp. Whatever it gonna takes, put it past yourself and always remember that winner cross the finish line. Days may come where you feel broken, you feel down. Of course, who doesn’t? Everybody does!

But, only the one who actually get up again after every worst moment and cross the finish line, they are the one who is going to win the race of life.

3) Quit Excuses.

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This is the thing which really separates winners from the bunch of losers. The losers always have an excuse why they can’t. Where the winners always have a reason why and how they can.

Why losers excuses as they can’t, because they always put themselves, Oh ! yes my story, Oh! you know what I been through, Because of this and that, Oh! I haven’t got the resources, Oh! I haven’t had enough money.

Actually, that doesn’t matter my friend! Quit all the excuses starting today. If you haven’t got money, why didn’t you try to find the money? There are tons of investors around you waiting to invest their money. You just need to make them feel like that they are investing in right person while they invest their money in you.

Let me ask you a question. If I ask you to give me $100000 and I will give you a million dollar within a year and if you know that is going to be guaranteed million dollars, don’t you want to give me that $100000 to me? Of course, you’ll give me that money as I asked.

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Yes, everyone around you is seeking for better investment opportunities. They just want to hear your creative idea. So be creative to trash out all the excuses. You never run out of resources, you are just running out of resourcefulness. So, If you really want to become successful in 2018, start becoming resourcefulness and quit all the cheap excuses.

4) Quit Your Need To Be Liked.

set your own goals in 2018

Yup, This is the important one. If the whole of your life you are trying to be liked or you ever trying to please everybody, then you are never going to be successful. Tear it!

Do you ever notice, that every famous leader in this world is always willing to stand up for their own truth, with their own opinion. Not with the idea of their neighbour, not with the opinion of their friends. Yes, that’s the reason they are a leader. That’s why they are successful.

This is why it is important to quit your need to be liked by everyone. And once you gonna start this, what you will find out is, people who don’t like you are going to begin to hate you. But the people who like you are going to begin to love you.

Take the examples of leaders that you follow them online or any other people you admire. They all are willing to speak their own truth. They already have given up the need to be liked by someone. They just live with the core message of their heart. And yes that’s you need to do the same if you really want to change your life starting today and within 2018.

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5) Quit Toxic People.

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Always spend your time with the people who were born to be a winner. Always spend time with the people who can’t come up with anything average. And guess what? You’ll become the same, means successful. If you hang around with losers, if you hang around with toxic people, then you are going to be a loser.

If you hang around with winners who made a huge effort to make the better change in the world, then you are going to be a winner as well. If you hang around with some average circle, nothing you are going to be improved.

But if you cut off average and toxic circle and get started to join the circle of people who were born with a strong willingness for success, then you will figure out what they are doing, how is people chain behind them.

Eventually, you’ll find like-minded peoples, get connected with them, hang around with them and your creativity, your way of thinking towards any obstacles will gonna change. You will find scopes everywhere then. Scopes of your dream, solutions for your problems. You’ll land in the group of winners and you’ll come out from the average life.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have, please be sure to share this article with the people who you know would be benefited from reading it. As well as speak your mind in the comment section below.

And my friends, probably this is the last article I am giving you in this 2017. With this article, I hope you gonna take action on the above-mentioned points. And I would like to wish Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2018 to you, all of my blog readers, good wishers, lovers, haters and everybody around the world.

Have a successful year ahead!

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  1. Jeff Riley

    Hey, happy new year to you too! Thanks for such a wonderful writings at the last of the year. Those things are practical which most of the people should bring change on them.

    1. Prabash

      Yes Jeff, you are right. All those points are practically applicable & can bring into action. It would be a great lesson for all the people who eagerly want to become successful.

      Thanks so much for finding this post helpful and wonderful!

  2. Keith Walker

    I hate when they make silly excuses. Love all the points. Happy new year 2018.

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