Top 10 Ways To Deep Clean Your Home With Small Cost

low cost cleaning tips
 If you’re hosting a party so in your home or if that unidentified smell just won’t shift. You can’t put it off any longer. You need to deep clean your home. Here are 10 clever ways to get your home sparkling without breaking the bank on cleaning products.

1) Use cream of tartar to clean your toaster

over years of use, your stainless steel toaster becomes a lot less stainless. It builds up a sticky film that cleaning with water just won’t shift.
Find some cream of tartar it’ll be in your spice rack. Mix it with a little water until it’s the consistency of milk. Gently scrub your toaster with the mix and wipe it. Clean with a paper towel. You’ll see those stains vanish and your toaster look good as new.

2)  Get Rid of Rust

If you’ve gotten metal items in your house which had gone rusty, don’t throw them out. Here’s how you can make rust disappear.
Fill a China dish with white vinegar. Drop your rusty items in the vinegar and leave them for 24 hours. when you come back you’ll see the vinegar is yellow and the rust is no longer attached to the metal. Scrape away the excess with a brush and there you have it the erosion of corrosion.

Bonus Trick: Remove hard water stains from your glasses

Here’s another use for white vinegar. If you live in a hard water area, you may find your glassware gets white stains on them. Which doesn’t go away when you clean them normally. Here’s what to do. Mix some water and white vinegar in a washing up Bowl.
After washing the glasses normally under the tap, soak them in the water and vinegar for a few seconds and let them air dry. You’ll see the hard water stains are no more.

3)  Homemade oven cleaner

Oven cleaner that you buy in the shops is full of corrosive chemicals that clean your oven but can be dangerous to your skin. If you get any on you when it’s time to clean your oven why not make your own.
You need a couple of drops of washing-up liquid, four tablespoons of baking soda, five tablespoons of our old friend white vinegar and some lemon juice. Mix it all together until it becomes a paste.
Slather the paste everywhere in your oven including the window and let it work its magic for four hours. Wipe away the paste with a wet cloth and your oven will be sparkling like the day it left the factory also it’ll smell like lemons.

5)  Cleaning slime

clean all the dust and gunk from your computer’s keyboard with some homemade cleaning slime and get some borax.
It’s a laundry to church, mix it with some glue water and for at its final illness. Some green food colouring kneads it all together so it becomes solid but still slimy.
Lay your slime on your computer’s keys. The slime will seep into the gaps between the keys but it won’t break up. So it’s easy to remove. After a few minutes lift up the slime and you’ll be amazed how much grime is removed.

6) Remove cup rings

There’s always one friend who comes over, who has never heard of coasters. They leave unsightly rings all over your wooden tables. Luckily there is an easy way to remove these rings. You need a hair dryer and some patience.
Switch your hair dryer to its hottest setting in the blasts ring for about 20 minutes. You’ll be shocked to see the ring varnish, I mean vanish. Rub a drop of olive oil into the wood to moisturize it and your table will be as good as new.

7)  Homemade kitchen spray

Why buy kitchen spray from the shops when you can make your own. Find a 500-milliliter soda bottle, wash it out and fill it 1/4 way with white vinegar.
Fill it up to halfway with some club soda,  add some washing-up liquid and some lemon juice. You now have kitchen cleaner ready to spray. You’ll also have a kitchen that is lovely and clean and smells like lemons.

8) Clean between your tiles

When hard to shift, grind begins to build up between the tiles in your bathroom, it’s time to get creative.
Get a plastic bowl and throw in a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, add some water, white vinegar, and lemon juice. and mix it until it becomes a paste. Clean between your bathroom tiles using a brush. Wipe the paste away with the wet cloth and your bathroom will be gleaming again.

9) Bagel cleaner

If you have oil paintings in your home you’ll know how testy they get and how difficult they are to keep clean.
You can’t use anything wet as it will ruin the painting. The answer is in your bread bed, the humble bagel gets a white bagel and cut it in half. Lightly run the white doughy surface all over your oil paint and see how it picks up all the dust without affecting the painting.

10) Under the Rim

Here’s a way to clean that mould that grows under the rim of your toilet and it involves our old friend vinegar again.
Last thing at night when no one will use the toilet for a while, flush the toilet so the tank is empty. And seal the spray jets with duct tape. Fill the tank with pure white vinegar, flush it again.
The vinegar will flow to the rim but will be held in place by the tape. Leave it overnight, when you come back the next morning, remove the tape and give the rim a wipe with the brush. You now have a mould-free toilet. Congratulations !
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