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Technology is a good servant but a bad master too. It can be the only good servant if you develop good technological habits for the optimum utilization of technology.

When it’s about to make yourself techy or to learn to live in this world which is dominated by modern technology, you are opening yourself to a world of opportunity, communication, experience and knowledge.

A smart way to use technology is not just to save your time and money but to keep safe your personal information, to hit your target with less effort, as well as to keep yourself outstanding from the techy crowd.

So here, I am bringing a gallery of 101 tech tips which you should start to know about.

Here We Go For 101 Tech Tips :

  1. To shrink the size by half or by 75%, just save your excel file as .xlsb.
  2. Love the melody of some song but can’t remember it’s exact title? Go to midomi.com and sing as you remember it’s melody like “hmmm…ah..” You will get the title of a song which you are looking for.
  3. You can write a quick note by typing “data: text/HTML,<html contenteditable>” into your URL bar instead of opening any other program like word or notepad. It will help you to note down some urgent notes while browsing the internet.
  4. Your laptop battery can last longer if you only charge it up to 80% compared to 100%. The reason is the heat of battery on higher percentage can reduce battery life.
  5. Accidentally closed browser tab? No worries! You can get it back by using CTRL+SHIFT+T.
  6. Did you ever try windows+W? It opens windows ink workspace like notes, screenshot. Try Now!
  7. Want the best sound in a movie theatre? If so, You need to sit 2/3 of the way back and as much as close to the centre as possible. That’s the same place where audio engineer sits to do the final mix.
  8. Need to walk in a scary area during the night? Download police scanner app on your phone and play it on full volume. Tricky, Right? 😀
  9. Dulingo.com lets you learn Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese for free of cost. 
  10. Drinking alcohol can helps you to fight with radioactive poisoning.

  11. Looking for some major world events or news for a particular time period? Type “[month] [year]” on Wikipedia search bar.
  12. Saving your powerpoint file as “powerpointshow.ppsx” can help you to open your file directly to a slideshow.
  13. The iPhone app called “easybib” can show you a complete bibliography of any books simply by scanning its barcode.
  14. Try to search ” do a barrel roll ” into your google search bar.
  15. Need to clean up space on your hard disk? Just type “size:gigantic” on windows search bar, which will show you all files greater than 128MB.
  16. Stop habit of putting your feet up on car’s dashboard. In case of airbag explosion, it can break both of your legs.
  17. White wine can use to remove the stains of red wine.
  18. By asking Siri to read a text with emojis, she will reply with the description of emojis too.
  19. ALT+click on any google image can help you to save it directly to your device.
  20. If you are using a phone with tech support. Do not press any button when the system will let you connect with the human.

  21.  If your smartphone screen gets dull, clean the touchscreen with the help of eye-glass wiper. It will help to get dirt and oil off.
  22. Never use the automatic installation option while installing software. It will download unnecessary software, toolbars, and shortcuts. Instead, you can use manual installation wizard.
  23. By opening the compass on your ios7 device, and swiping it to left can access horizontal and vertical level of ios7.
  24. You can download youtube mp3 simply by adding “listento” after “www” in the URL bar.
  25. Want to play with google front screen? Just type “Google Gravity” Then click “I’m feeling lucky”. It will lose the gravity of entire page and you can have fun playing with it. Give a try now!tech tips 2018

  26. Macbook screenshot tips: command+shift+3
  27. Do you know why cords of your smartphone’s charger are so short? Because using your phone while charging can damage it’s battery.
  28. Pause youtube video and use J or L. It will help you to manage the frame of video playing.
  29. Someone ask your iPhone to make a call by themselves? Before giving your phone, just activate Siri from the lock screen so they won’t be able to see any text or photos but still can make a call.
  30. If your phone stuck at some point, try to plug in the charger instead of doing switch off or removing the battery.

  31. If you have lots of online accounts with your name and forgot the details. Just browse namechk.com. So you can see every online account where your username has been used.
  32. Some friend is in flight and you want to know where he/she is? Just type flight number on google to see where the plane is exactly.
  33. By the help of accountkiller.com, you instantly can remove all of your personal data from the website which you don’t want.
  34. By checking girl’s Pinterest account, you can have an idea about the gift that girl might like.
  35. Did you know about 10minutemail.com? By this, you can make a temporary email address.
  36. Try to type command+T while playing a song in iTunes, you can have awesome visualizer.
  37. “Hola unblocker” extension on google chrome browser can help you to access the UK version of Netflix. So you can unlock many new movies and shows.
  38. You can simply swipe left-right on iPhone calculator when you have to delete the last digit. So you don’t need to start all over.
  39. Trying to capture video at a live concert? Try to put the finger over your phone’s mic, so you will have more clear sound recording while you play it back.
  40. Type youtube.com/leanback on your browser. You can find the recent trendings.

  41. You can play almost every single old Nintendo game on snesfun.com.
  42. By checking the comment of Foursquare, you can find the wifi password to almost anywhere.
  43. For the perfect photo on Instagram, you can tilt your phone and take a screenshot. That will exactly fit to post on Instagram without losing its quality.
  44. Mistakenly erased something you just typed on iPhone? Simply shake your phone so you can get back what was erased.
  45. Want to repeat the same song on youtube? You don’t have to press “repeat” everytime video ends. Just put “replay” at the end of URL and “repeat” between “youtube” and “.com”. Like “youtuberepeat.com/video URL here/replay”
  46. Replace the word “en” from the link of Wikipedia with “simple”. So you will have more relevant information with easy description.
  47. Need unlimited skips on Pandora? Just sign in Pandora on incognito mode.
  48. CTRL+SHIFT+T helps you to reopen the tabs in case you accidentally closed.
  49.  Battery draining like hell in ios7? No worries with this tech tip you can have relief. Just go to settimg>general>background apps refresh then switch it to off.
  50.  Lost your Android phone somewhere inside a room and it is on vibrate mode or silent ?. This is an android tip for you.  Go to google play store on your desktop and download android device manager for the PC version. Login to android device manager with the same google id which you have logged in on your lost phone. Then simply press “RING”.

  51. You can charge your iPhone faster by using your iPad charger.
  52. If you forgot your password of PC, Just keep pressing F8 during startup. So you can log in as administrator then change your password.
  53. You are at a hotel and running out of charger? Try to check TV. It may have USB Plugin.
  54. Need to buy airlines ticket through online sites? Browse through incognito mode because those sites may save your cookies and price may set to up when you visit their site frequently. 

    Here are some trustworthy sites to book ticket Online:

  55. Playing an offline game on phone? Then no need to turn your data or wifi on. So you don’t have to see any boring popup ads.
  56. Televisor.com can help you to find any shows which you want to watch.
  57. Searching essay on Google? No, That’s not the right way. Try scholar.google.com instead.
  58. Playing youtube video on safari browser can help you to hear audio only just by turning your screen off.
  59. If you are using 20″ monitor to browse Youtube, You simply can hold CTRL then scroll out to increase the player’s resolution.
  60. If you see”exe” after downloading a PDF file, Just remove that. That’s usually a virus.

  61. You can use CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to get straight to task manager.
  62. Doing refreshing on Pandora can change the song without using any skips.
  63. Try to search “do the Harlem shake” on youtube. Type manually instead of clicking suggestion.
  64. Futureme.org is an amazing platform, by which you can send a letter to yourself in the future.
  65. Want to download youtube videos and looking for other apps? That don’t need. Here are youtube tips, simply add “ss” between “www.” and “youtube.com/your video URL”. Like “www.ssyoutube.com/your video URL”.
  66. Your Boss blocks site like facebook and youtube on office’s PC? Browse it through incognito mode. Voila!
  67. You are running out of charge on your phone and you need to save it for later? Switching off and on again can consume more power. So just turn on flight mode to save charge.
  68. You can type “set timer X minute” into the search bar of Google to use as a timer device.
  69. Keeping your phone’s battery in a freezer can help up to double their durability.
  70. Charge your phone on flight mode to get a faster charge.

  71. Nickerboot.com can continuously stream up to 90 free cartoons.
  72. Do you know why Facebook use blue colour? Coz, Zuckerberg has the colour blindness for red and green.
  73.  World’s very first computer name is “Z1” And was invented by Konrad Zuse in 1936.
  74. Need to undo an undo? Hit CTRL+Y.
  75. Need ideas about essays? Goto Wikipedia and cite the sources mentioned at the bottom.
  76. Do you want to use 30 minutes on-board wifi even after finished that 30 minutes? Just clear cookies of your browser then sign up again.
  77. You can use proxtube to watch regionally blocked Youtube videos.
  78. You will have this reply from google maps ” One does not simply walk into Mordor” That’s right, so no need to search walking direction from the Shire to Mordor.
  79. You can extend the length of a free trial program by changing your date on the computer.
  80. Are you spending most of your time on the phone? So couldn’t focus on the study? Try screen time app on iPhone.

  81. “Gympact” Apps will pay you for working out and will punish you in case of your missing days.
  82. While Signing up for some online program, set your password into a goal of your life. So you frequently have to be reminded about it.
  83. While buying through online, focus on 3 stars reviews only. They are usually most honest reviews including pros and cons.
  84. Testing a new printer? Try to print Google homepage. It has all the colour and uses very low ink.
  85. Keep sticker on your credit card with a fake PIN number. So if you lose it and someone tries it for 3 times, You know the result. Yes! the card will stuck inside so you are safe from the unauthorized use of your credit card.
  86. Drop earrings or tiny screws? Try to search with the help of the flashlight. You will find it easily.
  87. Smoking inside room & Dad come suddenly? Don’t use room freshener or other sprays instead spin the wet towel around the room.
  88. Bohemian Rhapsody. This is the title of a song which has the all set of a high and low pitch of the music. Test headphones or speaker sets by playing this song before you buy.
  89. Writing some notes on a computer? Try to use a weird font. Coz, Uniqueness will make you more likely to remember that.
  90. Use spring of an old pen to avoid your charger’s cord from bending and breaking.

  91. On supercook.com, you just can enter the ingredients which you have. So it will tell you which meal you can cook with those ingredients and it will give you the instruction to cook also.
  92. Boring with frequent calls from telemarketers? Easy! Just press 9 after you pick a call. It’ll add your number to the “Don’t call anymore” List.
  93. Essaytyper.com can write an essay by itself. You just need to give a topic.
  94. Just smile before you pick any call. It can help you sound happier and lead a conversation to a better.
  95. By typing “b&w” in the caption for Snapchat, you can change that picture to black and white.
  96. Remember the position of your body when you wake ups. That’s your most comfortable sleeping position.
  97. Got a tyre punctured? Take a photo with your cell phone. You can use it for your future to make a great excuse.  😆 
  98. You can use your hair straightener to iron collar of your shirts.
  99. You can use Gmail to make free calls within the US.
  100. Make an email id with”.edu”. So you can get prime amazon account, which lets you watch almost unlimited movies/shows.
  101. You are already awesome for reading 100 tech tips.

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Let me know in comment section below whether or not you have done those tech tips in your daily life. And Remember to share this tips with anyone who might get benefits from this information. 

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