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Is there anything sadder than youthful sweethearts torn separated before their sentiments can really bloom?
All things considered, other than main problems tormenting the world like war and starvation, however, go ahead, star-crossed sweethearts are still beautiful sad. Atonement paints a distinctive story of only that (alongside some war too).
After a progression of errors, young gullibility, and false allegations drive Robbie (James McAvoy) far from Cecilia (Keira Knightley), 13-year-old Briony spends whatever is left of her life battling with her missteps as the couple yearns to be brought together.
It’s a lamentable story, however one that works past the disaster and distress. It won an Oscar for its unique score and was selected for Best Picture, going head to head against some intense rivalry in No Nation For Old Men and There Will Be Blood 

Million Dollar Baby

From the primary melancholic notes of its score, Million Dollar Baby guarantees a one-two punch to the gut. What’s more, kid does it convey.
Clint Eastwood gives us an account of two contenders: one who’d effectively secure himself (Eastwood) and one who’s similarly as obstinate yet at the same time continues placing herself in mischief’s way (Hillary Swank).
As the last figures out how to box professionally from the previous, it’s about unimaginable not to pull for and identify with the defective combine.
Morgan Freeman finishes the primary give a role as his standard “old man with sage guidance,” yet the science amongst him and Eastwood as squabbling closest companions are sufficient to warrant its own movie.
Baby rounded up the Oscar wins and noms in ’05, controlled by the tragic hand over the third demonstration and the capable connection between the two leads.

The House Of Small Cubes

This Oscar-victor for Best Animated Short is just 12 minutes in length, yet that is all it takes to manoeuvre you into its shocking story.

An old man’s home gets constantly submerged in regularly rising waters, so as opposed to proceeding onward, he climbs. As he continues including levels, a dropped pipe powers the man to remember his recollections as he goes each floor through the profundities of his home.

The silent short forms a fascinating world rapidly with a one of a kind style of activity. The House Of Small Cubes gives yet a couple of looks at this current man’s life, yet it’s sufficient to think about him and his life as it unfurls backwards.

 Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

At the point when filmmaker Kurt Kuenne’s adolescence companion Andrew Bagby is murdered and his presumed executioner/ex-uncovers she’s pregnant, Kurt chooses to make a narrative chronicling Andrew’s life.

While to a great extent an affection letter to a man who touched the lives of numerous for Zachary, the child he never met, Dear Zachary additionally tells the starkly astringent side of a broken Canadian lawful framework that straightforwardly jeopardized a baby.
We take after the drawn-out care fight between Andrew’s folks and Zachary’s mom, scattered with adoring previews into the Bagby family. The story sucks you in, but at the same time, it’s the on occasion comedic, quick paced, and out and out goading narrative style of the film that splits up the enthusiastic story.


Sean Penn won his second Oscar for his depiction of the main character in Milk, the biopic about San Francisco’s first transparently gay chose official.
From his beginning of social liberties activism in the ’70s to his death just a couple of months after his decision, Harvey Milk’s short story is one loaded with an interminable battle.
Be that as it may, the message all through the film is interminably confident and triumphant. The saddest part, however, is that the battle for LGBTQ rights still wages each day in the U.S.
That is the reason it’s urging to keep the expressions of pioneers like Milk alive today. He didn’t begin getting engaged with the development until the point when he was around 40, and he could make genuine change. It’s never past the point where it is possible to begin.

The Road

Positively not the main title that strikes a chord when searching for “tragic movies,” however simply attempt and watch The Road without feeling candidly exhausted.

The Cormac McCarthy adjustment happens in a dystopian no man’s land, yet that is just the scenery for a holding connection between a man and his child.

Once the world sorta closes — as very little time is spent on the “why” — the man battles to keep his child alive in the midst of killers, man-eaters, and hopelessness. It’s harsh. It’s depressing.

It’s a frightening, biting the dust world that sucks you in as you can practically feel chilly and taste the craving. In any case, it’s the little snapshots of expectation and love in the combine’s lives that makes it all advantageous. (You can likewise basically ignore the tone, hues, and exciting nature of the trailer above, as this is a dismal, moderate story the essentially removes your heart.)

Fruitvale Station

In the event that you like Michael B. Jordan (are their individuals who don’t?) and you can manage some intense topic, this is an awesome film.
Champ of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for U.S. sensational film, Fruitvale Station delineates the last day of Oscar Grant III’s life.
The 22-year-old Hayward occupant was confined by the Bay Area quick travel (BART) Police at Fruitvale station on January 1, 2009, in Oakland California, where he was shot by an officer. He later passed on.
The film starts with genuine onlooker film of the Fruitvale occasion and afterwards advances into the performed day. Watchers need to go up against that every scene denotes the last time Grant will accomplish something. It’s instinctively disquieting.


There can’t be sufficient World War II in a pitiful film list.
Moving between a 1944 Nazi death camp set in Poland and New York City in 1976, this movie depends on the genuine story of Jerzy Bielecki and Cyla Cybulska, a couple who experienced passionate feelings for in the work camp yet ended up noticeably isolated amid their escape, each expecting the other had died.
This movie has it all: the Holocaust, darlings torn separated, and some demise blended in. It is both touching and confident and a spirit pounding welcome for the greater part of the sads.


Lars von Trier’s Melancholia isn’t such a great amount of pitiful as it is magnificently discouraging.
The masterfully staggering preface recounts the entire story, yet much like the approaching planet for which the movie is named, it’s more about the magnificence of the excursion than comprehending what’s going to happen.
A lady (Kirstin Dunst), who’s engaging gloom, and her sister (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who has her very own lot issues, a battle to adapt to each other and another planet on an impact course with Earth.
There’s something strangely quieting about “approaching end of the world” movies where they don’t successfully spare humanity.
The world is reaching an end yet there dependably is by all accounts greater issues to manage first. Melancholia is loaded with von Trier’s trademark visual and instinctive style, with Dunst giving one of the most grounded exhibitions of her profession.  

Short Term 12

How about we bounce directly into the profound end of the miserable pool with a few youngsters in a gathering home.
Elegance (Brie Larson) is the director of the office and Mason (John Gallagher, Jr) is her associate and long-haul accomplice.
In spite of the fact that the match concentrates on a significant number of the kids in the office, the film features two: Marcus, who is going to turn 18 and feels unready to leave, and Jayden, a current expansion with a background marked by self-hurt.
Mix in Grace’s powerlessness to open up and the way that she winds up managing an impromptu pregnancy and you have a profoundly touching, truly moving bit of silver screen with a huge basic reaction.
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