10 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

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A most sensible time in a women’s life is during her pregnancy period. Eating proper balanced diet is important at every day in the life.

But it is more necessary to maintain your eating habits when you are in your pregnancy period. All the foods may not suitable for your body during pregnancy as it was good during normal days.

Some of the foods are here described below which every woman should avoid during her pregnancy for the best experience of privilege to being a mom. Check it out the list of 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy.

1) Raw Eggs / Partially Cooked Eggs

It is better to avoid raw eggs during pregnancy and also any other foods which contain raw eggs.

Raw eggs can be exposed to Salmonella, which is a kind of bacteria responsible for major illness around the world.

If a pregnant woman is infected with Salmonella, some serious symptoms during pregnancy can be seen on her. Like, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Nausea, Fever and in some condition, Uterus cramps. Also, Infection with Salmonella may lead to the premature birth.

2) Raw Meat / Partially Cooked Meat

That’s the same bacteria Salmonella, which can contain also in raw meat. Raw meat also includes other harmful bacteria like Listeria and Toxoplasma.

With the infection of these bacteria, it can harmful for the unborn baby and could lead to different neurological illness including Epilepsy, Mental Disorder and Blindness. So it is always better to cook meat properly before you eat. 

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3) Alcohol

Not even a single drop of this liquid is suggested to drink during pregnancy. Just think in this way, it is like a serving poison to the unborn baby. Alcohol increases the risk of miscarriage and damages baby’s brain development.

4) Caffeinated Beverages

Drinks like Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Softdrinks are the kinds of caffeinated beverages. Caffeine has such a nature to absorb very quickly by the body and could pass through fetus and placenta.

Consuming caffeine contained foods during pregnancy can hamper to fetal development and increases the chance of low weight birth at delivery.

5) Fish Contained High Mercury

Consuming mercury during pregnancy can harm the development of the unborn baby and also can cause brain damage, Mercury is known as a highly intoxicated element which can mostly found in polluted water.

Fish like Tuna, Shark, Swordfish, King mackerel or Marlin are the examples of fish which contain high mercury and should avoid during pregnancy.

Properly cooked Shellfish and Whitefish are better during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. But do not eat any kinds of smoked seafood.

6) Cheese

This is another food to avoid during pregnancy. As it too has Salmonella. Especially soft cheese may contain bacteria like E.coli and Listeria.

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Mexican style cheese, Camembert and Feta are the few examples of soft cheese. But if the cheese is made with pasteurized milk, it is safe to eat.

So do not consider before you buy unless it clearly stated that they are processed with pasteurized milk.

7) Unwashed Fruits And Vegetables

Of course, vegetables and fruits are an essential part of balanced diet. But it is necessary to make it clean to avoid its exposure to Toxoplasmosis which may be contaminated through the soil.

If an unborn baby is infected with Toxoplasmosis, symptoms like mental disability and blindness may see later when baby grows up.

8) Brinjal

Though I just told vegetable is an essential part of a balanced diet for the body, It is still better to avoid this vegetable during your pregnancy period.

Because Brinjal contains a huge amount of Phytohormones which can stimulate Amenorrhea and can make menstruation.

Consumption of brinjal works as Diuretics and can cause menstruation during pregnancy, and which is not a good symptom. Menstruation during pregnancy may lead to miscarriage.

9) Junk Foods

Consumption of junk foods during pregnancy can leads to childhood mental disorder.

You may crave for junk foods during pregnancy and most of the woman has believed that what food they are craving is good for their unborn baby.

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Don’t ruin your own next version ( of course your baby )  by believing in such myths. Lots of research have proved that pregnant woman who eats more junk foods are more likely to give birth to children with mental problems.

10) Smoking

It may not look handsome on my article as my topic mentioned “Foods”. But it still means to consumed by a body and should include here.

When a cigarette is smoked means, smoker consumed more than 40,000 chemicals. Yes, you read it right! Which includes more than 80 cancer giving compounds.

If you smoke during pregnancy, your bloodstreams get intoxicated which is an only source of nutrients and oxygen for your unborn baby.

Though smoking is good for none the time, a pregnant woman should stay away even from the place where others are smoking.

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