10 crazy Hilarious Funny Jokes To Make You LOL

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A deep-rooted belly laugh is one of the best feelings in the world. Laugher can connect with people and helps to develop a healthy relationship and trust. It has that belief; a deep laughter comes when there is no conflict between the feelings of peoples.

A crazy laugh can create a warm family-like atmosphere inside a room and let you to forgot chilly unfamiliarity between peoples. I collect this ten stupid, hilarious funny jokes that make you laugh out loud which you can also share with your fun-loving buddies.

1) A Teacher And A Student – Corny Jokes

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Once when a school building caught with fire, All the students are watching a burning school building. Students are happy thinking that they don’t have to come to school again to hear boring lectures. The burden of doing homework every day is going to end with that fire.

Somewhere around there in a corner, a student is looking a bit upset with his sad face. Seeing that a teacher asked him:

Teacher: Hey, What’s up? Why so serious? See, all of your other friends are happy knowing that they don’t have to come to school from tomorrow. But what makes you so sad? Are you Going to miss school?

Student: What to say, sir, The school is burning. But you teachers are still alive.  😀

2) A Husband Wants Veterinary – Really Funny Joke

A husband falls sick. Wife and other family members including children are discussing to bring him the hospital. Suddenly a husband talk from his bed.

Husband: I don’t want to go the hospital. Just take me to veterinary.

Wife: Are you crazy? Why veterinary?

Husband: I am no more different than an animal.

Wife: How could you say that?

Husband: Evey morning I wake up like a cockerel. Run like as a horse and rushing to office. Work there like as a donkey. I bark here to everyone like a dog. And even in the night, I sleep with buffalo.

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Sorry wife  😀

3) This Boyfriend Is Savage! – Good Short Joke

When a girlfriend is so optimistic while expecting his boyfriend to quit smoking.

Girlfriend: Would you quit smoking after you marry me?

Boyfriend: Sure, Darling!

Girlfriend: What about drinking and gambling?

Boyfriend: I’ll stop those also.

Girlfriend: You are planning to quit everything after marriage, Why not to stop it now?

Boyfriend: That’s a plan for future my love.

Girlfriend: Then what’s your recent plan?

Boyfriend: To quit you.

4) Beautiful Madam – Funny Joke Of The Day

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It’s a time when husband and wife are roaming around the park. A homeless blind wearing a black goggles appears there, and the conversation goes like this:

Homeless: Hi beautiful Madam, I am a blind and destitute too. Please give me few bucks. I am hungry.

Wife: How did you know that I am beautiful if you are a blind?

Before that homeless reply, Husband reacts:

Husband: No worries darling, just give him five bucks. He must be a blind. People with proper sights can’t see you beautiful.

5) This Wife Is So Innocent – Hilarious Jokes

Wife: I want to share something with you.

Husband: Please go ahead. I am excited to hear.

Wife: But I am afraid. What if you are going to hit me? What if this thing makes you sad?

Husband: I promise, I won’t hit you.

Wife: I am pregnant.

Husband: Oh really? I am so excited hearing this. Why would I get upset and hit you, babe? This is excellent news.

Wife: I was afraid. Because when I had shared the same thing with my papa during my school days, He scolded me, I was even beaten so hard, and he was so upset with me.

6) Demo Gone Fails – Silly Joke Of The Day

A teacher is showing demo about the effects of smoking. He brings a glass bottle and keeps some insects and flies inside that bottle. Then he fires a cigarette and inserts it through the neck of a bottle. He is letting all the smoke go inside a bottle while still holding a cigarette at another tip.

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After few min, that flies and insects starts to die. Then a teacher asks the student:

Teacher: So now you guys are clear about the effect of smoking?

Students: With one voice, Yes sir!

Teacher: So tell me, what you understand after you saw this practical?

Student: Sir, Smoking helps to kill harmful bacteria inside the stomach.  😆

(Yup! This student is brilliant. He deserves Medal.)

7) He Is Quite Early – Funny Joke

A thief was brought into custody. A police officer asks him:

Police: What you did? What’s the reason they bring you here?

Thief: I just went shopping for my wife sir. It was an early morning.

Police: Just for that, you are here? What time did you go shopping?

Thief: Before shop open sir!

8) Height Of Hope – Animal Jokes

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A donkey is sharing about all his pains with another donkey on the topic how rude is his owner.

Donkey A: Dear, my owner is so rude to me. He often beat me. Let me starve for long days. Make me carry heavy loads without giving anything to eat.

Donkey B: Then what are you waiting for? Leave that house and try to find a new owner. Or I’ll bring you to my owner. He is always good to me.

Donkey A: It’s okay my friend. But I am seeing bright future in this home, though it is struggling time for now.

Donkey B: Your owner even didn’t let you eat. What the bright future you are waiting for on that house?

Donkey A: Whenever my owner is angry with her daughter, he often scolds her saying that he will marry her to a donkey. And probably that’s me.  😆

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9) That’s Not Possible – Stupid Jokes

A teacher is teaching something like about health and environment. He is teaching about the adverse effects of environmental pollution. Somewhere there a discussion starts about the mosquito which is a reason behind the dirty environment.

Teacher focus to make their surrounding clean so the mosquito can be lessened, and we can stay safe from the vital disease like dengue and malaria.

But a student disagrees with a teacher and raise his doubts:

Students: Sir, I don’t think by just making our environment clean, we would be able to lessen the quantity of mosquito.

Teacher: We can ! Because, the dirtier your environment, more chance to have mosquito. How do you think that?

Student: No sir, even we make our environment clean, the mosquito don’t have the condom for their size, and that’s not possible also to create a condom for their size. So they keep growing sir.

10) Take Off Wife’s Underwear – Not So Dirty Jokes

Two colleagues are having the conversation about their plan after leaving office. Where one is planning to drink while watching the movie. He asks his fellow, what’s your plan?

Fellow: The first thing to do after I reach home is to take off my wife’s underwear.

Another friend: Oh.. So horny man?

Fellow: No dude! That’s, not a reason. I am wearing my wife’s underwear while rushing in this morning…I just have to change that.

How do you like these 10 crazy Hilarious Funny Jokes To Make You LOL. Do it make you laugh? Comment below which one makes you laugh most. Do you know some other fun stuff to read? Also, don’t forget to include that in your comments. And always remember, sharing is caring. Let your friends laugh.

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