Why women speaks too much ? – 10 Amazing facts about Women

woman speaks too much

Here are the 10 Amazing facts about women:

1) Women Speaks More Than Men

According to a recent study, women on average speak around 20,000 words a day whereas men speak around 13,000.
US research has claimed that this is because women’s brains generally have a higher concentration of a protein called fox P2. This protein is produced by a gene in a part of our brains that is responsible for language and speech.

2) High-Heeled Shoes Were First Designed For Men

High-heeled-shoes were first designed for men. Yep! Bi**h true! It is believed the very first people to wear high-heeled shoes were Persian warriors.
They used them to aid them in horse riding. The heel would prevent the foot from slipping from their stirrups.
Early in the 16th century, Persian fashion trends became popular all over Europe and the high-heeled shoe was one of those trends. In 1630 it became very fashionable for women to look more masculine.

4) Women Use Sweat & Dirt Scraped From The Skin Of Gladiator

In ancient Rome, wealthy women would buy vials of sweat and dirt scraped from the skin of famous gladiators.
The sweat was scraped from their bodies using a tool called the stretcher and they believed it would improve their complexion and just make them more beautiful.
Gladiators were the celebrities of their time and people were heavily influenced by them. A bit like how big celebrities of our time were influential on fashion trends and beauty products.

 6) 68% Of Women Have An Affair

According to a recent study, 68% of women say they’d have an affair. If they knew they could get away with it.
Now, the study also included men, 78% of men say they’d have an affair if they knew they’d never be caught 😆

7) Women Live Longer Than Men

A female born today can expect to live on average to 79.8 years old.
Which is roughly five years longer than a male.
The Imperial College School of Medicine in London claims women have a far stronger immune system that ages more slowly.
They also claim the women produce more white blood cells than men of the same age.

9) The Longest-Serving First Lady Of The United States

 Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was an American politician and the longest-serving First Lady of the United States.
At the time women were only allowed to contribute columns to the newspapers based on domestic issues. They weren’t deemed capable of the mental taxation required for journalism.
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt didn’t like this one bit. She refused to be interviewed by any male journalists which forced newspapers to hire female reporters.

 10) Women Go To The Toilet More Often Than Men

There are a few reasons why but the main reason is that women’s bladders are smaller than men’s on average and that’s because they have to make room for the uterus and that brings this list to an end.
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